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Dog Grooming

Willow Barn, Low Road, Norton Subcourse, Norwich, NR14 6SA 

OPENING TIMES:Monday 9am-5pm Tuesdays 9am-5pm,Wednesdays 9am-5pm,Thursdays 9am-4pm,Friday 9am-5pm

Call Jaie on:

Call Claire on:

07505 684561            

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We have come to the point where we are unable to

take on any new clients. So we are having to close our

books for the time being. Existing customers can still make and change appointments like normal. We will try are best to accommodate and look after all our regular fur babies.


We have reopened! We are working with the new COVID-19 guidelines and things are a little different at the salon now.


No one will be able to enter the salon to maintain social distancing. 

We are now using the rear entrance via the gate at the back off the salon.


On arrival you will see a sign at the front door with info tell you what to do.

Please use the hand sanitizer before/after entering and exiting the property.

This is by the front door.


Drop offs


Please use the rear gate.


Push the gate shut behind you.


Hook your dogs lead onto the black post

(Ensuring the collar is tight and they cannot slip it off).


Leave pulling the gate closed behind you.


(Once you have gone greet your dog and then take them to the bath. Your dog will be bathed straight away. We will sterilize your dogs lead and collar to remove any risk of covid-19.).




Wait outside by the gate until we give you a shout out

or a wave. Please lets us know you are waiting.


Enter the rear garden pushing the gate open then shut it

behind you.


Leave the full payment in the blue UV sanitising tray

(Please bring the correct amount if you can).


Then we will open the door and to let your dog out to you.



Next appointments can still be made at the salon or over the phone. 


If your dog is Knotty or matted we will have to take the coat short. We groom humanely at Claires dog grooming and we abide by the Animal Welfare Act 2006.


If brushing will cause harm or discomfit to your dog, we will have to take the coat short and start again.

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New Entrance