Dog Grooming

Willow Barn, Low Road, Norton Subcourse, Norwich, NR14 6SA 

WE ARE OPEN: Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm

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*(All prices are a starting prices and all prices are depending on coat condition/breed and size.

So the final costs may vary).

Popular Breeds


Papillon £37

Pomeranian £32

Kerry Blue Terrier £42

Maltese £37+

Chihuahua £27 (long) £17 (smooth)

Portuguese Water Dog £42

Shetland Sheepdog £37

Dachshund Miniature

£27 (long) £32-37(Clipped)

Standard Dachshund £37

Dandie Dinmont Terrier £37

Jack Russell Terrier

£27 (Smooth) £32 (Clipped)

Lhasa Apso/Shih tzu £37-

Bichon Frise £37-£42




English Springer Spaniel £37

King Charles Spaniel £32

English Cocker Spaniel £37

Brittany Spaniel £37

Field Spaniel £37

Clumber Spaniel £42

Tibetan Spaniel £42

Sussex Spaniel £37

Welsh Springer Spaniel £42


(Pricing for clipped coats)




Yorkshire terrier £27

West highland/Cairn Terrier £32-£37

Scottish Terrier £32-£37

Norfolk/ Norwich £32

Border Terrier £32

Bedlington Terrier £37

Wire haired fox terrier £37

Irish Terrier £37

Tibetan Terrier £42

Welsh Terrier £37


(Pricing for clipped coats)



Hybrid doodles


Cockerapoo £37 +

Goldendoodle £47+

Labardoodle £47+

Cavapoo £37

Jack-A-Poo £32

Lhasapoo £37 +




Toy £32

Miniature poodle £37

Standard £52+

Large Breeds


Newfoundland £62 +

St. Bernard £62+

Bernese Mountain Dog £62+

German Shepherd £37(short) £52+ (long)

Husky £47+~

Schnauzer Giant £42

Bearded Collie £42 +

Border Collie £37 +

Airedale Terrier £42

Golden Retriever £37 (£42 for trim)

Irish Setter £37

English Setter £37

Rough Collie £52


Smooth Coated


Jack Russell £22

Pug/Chihuahua £22

Miniature Dachshund £22

Whippet £22

Chinese Shar-Pei £32

Rottweiler/Great Dane £32

Doberman £27

Dalmatian £27

Staffordshire Terrier £27

Bulldog/Boxer £27

Basset Hound £32

Beagle/Bull Terrier/Greyhound £27

Labrador £27£32

Bullmastiff £32


Hand Strips


Jack Russell Terrier £37

Cairn Terrier £37

Wire haired fox terrier £42

Welsh Terrier £42

Irish Terrier £42 +

Norfolk/ Norwich Terrier £37

Wire Haired Dachshund £32+

Border Terrier £37+


Cross breeds


Pricing can vary a lot with cross breeds.

So we like to see you dog 1st to get an idea on their size and coat type.


You can email us a photo of your dog.  Which will help us get an idea on what your dogs looks like for quote.



Price list 

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There is an additional charge for dematting. As this takes extra time to remove Knotts, Matting and damages our equipment.


If a coat has bad matting we will not put a dog through lengthy brushing, as this is painful and under the legislation covering pet welfare and animal cruelty we are not legally aloud to do so.


So if a dog is matted we would have to clip off and start again.


With regular grooming appointments we can start again and grow the coat out. Then find a style that will suit you and your dog.


Eldery dogs


Older boys and girls are also welcome.


We take our time to work with your dog.


Doing as little or as much  as they can cope with and with out the stressing them out.


Hand stripping


Hand stripping does not alter the texture or colour of the coat.


Here are few examples of breeds that may benefit from Hand stripping:


Border terriers,


Norwich/Norfolk terrier,


Wired haired Dachshund


And most wire haired dogs.


From £35


Flea & Tick


We use a concentrated insecticide shampoo that kills fleas fast. Which also acts as a powerful deterrent against further flea infestations.


There is an additional charge of £10.00.


(This covers the exra cost of flea bombing the salon and shampoo used on your Dog).


If a dog is found to have friends on board we will have to give them a flea bath to stop the spead of fleas in the salon. As no one want these.


Medicated shampoo


We use top of the line Medicated shampoo, to sooth dry and itchy skin.


Natural salicylic acid eliminates flaking, dandruff and scales associated with seborrhoea.

100% all natural shampoo


Please let us know if your dog has a medicated shampoo from the vet. As we can use your shampoo if you wish.


Nail clipping


Nail cutting is £5,00 per dog.


No appointment needed but please call us to let us know your coming on the day.


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